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 Team It's A Legitimate Strategy AKA Team ILS (Encounters)

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PostSubject: Team It's A Legitimate Strategy AKA Team ILS (Encounters)   Tue May 15, 2012 12:32 pm

This team is designed to be easy to play. Shouldn't be too hard to beat either, if you know your party well enough. The trick is to get behind the shield wall. How you do that is up to you.





Healer is now finished. So a quick note on this healer and how OP it is. As a standard action, she can heal up to 101 health per round, up to half health for the receiver. So yeah, he is pretty much the perfect healer for this team. Enjoy. =D


It should be pretty obvious what this team's strategy is. Find a corner, make a shield wall, have the spellcaster counterspell every spell, and have the healer spam heal the team. Camping is totally the best strategy ever. =P
But also easy to defeat. A team with more than three spellcasters can overcome the counterspelling, a good bullrusher can break the shield wall, any spellcaster with a teleport spell can drop combatants behind the shield wall, or at a pinch you could navigate around the shield wall by going over, under or behind in some way. Once the dwarves are split up, the team dies. Base your strategy around that.
So yeah, basically, no-one complain about any of my team builds ever. I tell you how to beat them, because I am a nice guy like that. =P
Also, I hope it gives people some ideas for fancy pants builds of their own. And introduces them to some pretty feats they may not be aware of.

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Team It's A Legitimate Strategy AKA Team ILS (Encounters)
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