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 Dice: What Is This Magic?!

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Swiftyuki was here.
Swiftyuki was here.

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PostSubject: Dice: What Is This Magic?!   Tue Dec 06, 2011 9:45 am

After much deliberation, I have decided to post up a topic to teach people how to roll dice. I wasn't sure if we needed it, since it was totally self explanatory, and I definitely did not spend like, an hour trying to work this feature out or anything. But I figured, not everyone is the technical genius I am, and they may want a little help. Never fear, puny mortals, help is at hand.

1. You cannot roll dice in the first post of a thread. If it had taken me about an hour to figure out how to roll dice, that would probably have been why. However, it didn't. Because I am awesome. You know it's true.
2. Hit the reply button. Now look immediately below the text box. See the thing that claims to be a dice roller? It's a dice roller! Magic!
3. Select your dice type, and your number of dice. Simple!
4. You want to roll more than one type of dice? I definitely didn't have to get Hiro to explain to me that that's what the little + sign is for! I am far too smart for that!
5. Hit send. I know you were having trouble with this step.
6. Marvel at your ugly, ugly system for rolling dice! See, wasn't that easier than us actually messing with bbcode to try and make something simple, but instead making it so every time you post it randomises your username instead? Hell yes, is the answer!

Congratulations. You are now a Certified Dice Roller. You are a mother fornicating PhD in the subject. Now, if you're in a restaurant, and someone starts choking, and the waiter asks "Is there a doctor in the house?" you can stand proudly and say "Yes! I, [ENTER NAME HERE], am a doctor! A Doctor of Dice! Professor of Probability! A Chairman of Chance! A Philosopher of Fate! A..." And this is where they'll drag you out of the restaurant. But hey, at least you didn't have to pay for those bread rolls, right?
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I Had Dylan's Babies For Dinner!
I Had Dylan's Babies For Dinner!
Sir Orgadude of Awesomton

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PostSubject: Or...   Wed Dec 07, 2011 10:43 pm

Go to post a reply. Look up. See all those buttons right above the text box? Good. See the one that looks like a dye? It is. Click it, and select the kind of dye you want to use. Now you'll see something that looks like this
[roll= " d20 "][/roll]. Now you just post your post. I'm on a horse.


Sir Orgadude of Awesomton carried out 1 launched of one d20 (Image not informed.) :

Flawless Victory
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Dice: What Is This Magic?!
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